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Karaoke is a social activity that has been around for decades. It has grown in popularity as technology has advanced and more people have access to more affordable recording equipment. In the past, when karaoke was on an old-school cassette tape recorder or VCR, it was a bit tedious since you had to get up and change the tape between songs.

How has karaoke evolved?

Now that the format of karaoke has changed from CDs, USB flash drives, and now the Cloud, it’s easier than ever before for someone who wants to sing their heart out with friends at home. However, if you want to sing your heart out while you’re at a bar or restaurant, that can still be difficult thanks to copyright laws and other regulations that make it hard for small businesses with limited budgets (i.e., most bars) from offering their patrons a karaoke experience without getting into trouble.

How is PCL at the forefront of karaoke technology?

A new platform called the Park Center Lounge app is aiming to change all of that by providing brick-and-mortar establishments with a decentralized royalty complaint karaoke system so they can offer their customers everything they need right there in house.

The new age karaoke app is designed for brick-and-mortar establishments because it’s the first ever decentralized royalty complaint karaoke app (dApp). This solution also provides consumers with more options and allows any business with a WiFi connection to replace their playlists with the app’s platform – a feature that effectively eliminates the need for expensive hardware upgrades and complicated set-up procedures.

This app solves many problems that occur in local communities when it comes to music appreciation as well as supporting local businesses by improving their sales and making them more popular places to go out at night. It provides an opportunity to reach more customers via mobile devices by allowing users who would like to participate in karaoke to register online. Anyone with a smartphone and our app will have access to an entire library of songs available on demand.

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