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In order to be a real professional in the business of karaoke you will need to have great hardware for your system. First, it’s important to understand how karaoke equipment works. Karaoke is essentially a digital jukebox, and this is why most of the best hardware karaoke players are actually networked computers. You can get standalone karaoke machines that come with all the bells and whistles, but they tend to be more expensive than just buying a computer or tablet for your entertainment system. Even if you do decide to purchase a dedicated standalone device like an iSing machine you’ll still need a large hard drive for storing all your songs – which also means a bigger price tag.

Track Mix Controllers

The best karaoke track mix controller you can buy is the one that makes it easy for you to customize your experience. It should be compatible with a computer and have all of the inputs and outputs needed to make your entertainment system work properly. 

Backup Battery System

Get yourself a backup battery system for power failure situations! Power failures happen all the time in DJ Booths so having this backup battery system is worth every penny. If power ever goes out at your location, it is critical that your equipment stays powered up so you can continue with business as usual until power comes back on. A good quality backup battery will keep things going while power is off temporarily; they come in many different sizes depending on how long you need them to keep things running uninterruptedly during short blackouts or longer times where multiple days pass before power returns completely.

Quality Sound Card

Buy a good quality sound card. This is one of the most important things to purchase when outfitting your KJ booth. If you are using a computer you should have a quality sound card. The sound card that comes with any PC or Mac is okay for doing basic audio, but if you want to do some serious work and make music it needs an upgrade. Make sure the card has a lot of inputs and outputs so multiple sources can be plugged into the computer (mic, turntables, cdj’s etc).

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